~Not to pay a debt but to acknowlege it~

"These brighter Regions which salute mine eyes
A Gift from God I take:
The Earth, the Seas, the Light, the Lofty Skies,
The Sun and Stars are mine: if these I prize."

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Moving Day"

Philip Dedrick immediately began a career at Rockford College in 1948, back when it was a girls school including the staff: Amidst all those ladies. "I thought I was going to be a painter," he once told me. During this period he pursued a Masters of Arts degree, focusing on art history, at the University of New Mexico. He also studied under D.V. Thompson at the Courtauld Institute in London.

In 1850 the Brooklyn Institute introduced sparrows into the new world; eight pairs.

In 1955 Rockford College introduced male students; number of pairs unreported.  

Then in 1964 the college moved to the new campus on State Street and its sparkling jewel that was the Clark Arts Building.

You can't move everything out of nine buildings, as Rockford College did on August 15, without problems. P.D. was puzzled over one. His problem was the giant statue of a Greek athlete which had been on the third floor of Adams Hall as long as anyone remembers. "I'm not sure how they got him up here in the first place," said Dedrick, who planned to ask the college committee for special consideration of the statue moving project. "He doesn't dismantle." The art studio on the new campus would never be the same without the statue, P.D. said. "We would like to have him out there. He has always been a favorite model for beginning drawing students- gives them confidence because he never moves a muscle." 

Forty-five years later, and much worse for the wear, the sculpture stands patient as ever. Evidently special consideration was sawing his arms and waist through as a solution to transport. Possibly when the college is nothing more than an ancient ruin he will remain as testament to the glory days.

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