~Not to pay a debt but to acknowlege it~

"These brighter Regions which salute mine eyes
A Gift from God I take:
The Earth, the Seas, the Light, the Lofty Skies,
The Sun and Stars are mine: if these I prize."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

"It's so beautiful this A.M. sunny and warm."

Time came in my life when someone I dearly loved had died, and I often reflect back to the phone call I had with P.D. in need of his comfort and wisdom; wondering especially if there was a rule concerning the length of grief. He said he had shed hot tears in his day... yet never thought of his parents' loss... to him they were still very much alive because he dreamt about them all the time.

'Monday Eve.

Dear Philip:

Modern stationary – found this on Dad’s desk and as he’s out tonight I thought I’d help myself. He and Bob Neik (?) are out for dinner at the Freeport Hotel with an Allens salesman (typewriter) so I’m by myself listening to the radio & trying to write you. A one-track mind can’t make much progress, but I’ll finish somehow. Well we got back from Grand Rapids about 2:30 a.m. Saturday and we were plenty tired. I didn’t do anything but eat & sleep & gab but it wore me down – and Dad went to school every day – 8 to 4:30 and had all the driving too. Yesterday, we went down to church & in the P.M. we went over to Polo to watch television. Thought (??) we’d come home early & it was round 12:30 when we got home. I washed this a.m. & this afternoon we went up to Monroe and so now I am just glad to sit & try to get a letter off to my sweet boy. Your letter was waiting for us and we sat down & read it. Yours was surely an interesting trip and I should think it was a pretty hard one. Did it come up to your expectations? And was it really cold while you were out? Oh dearie, you won’t get any pictures for a little while – with all that posing & smiling & what have you, the darn film was imperfect and they didn’t print them – and Pa & I will have to pose all over & that’s more work than house cleaning. And did you write – (name illegible) said Saturday eve – she hadn’t heard from you. I’m glad you were pleased with your Easter box. It wasn’t much but you know we think of you. I’ve been listening to the return of our soldiers and I’m so happy for them & their families – I can’t understand why so few are being returned tho & I wonder what will happen to those who aren’t so lucky.

Tuesday A.M.

Well, I just got that far when Dad came so off we went to bed. It’s 9:30 and I’m sitting downtown while Dad is out paying our bills & etc. and we’re on our way to Dixon & I don’t know where else. The main thing is we’re going. I weighed Sunday and tip the scales at 140# so it must agree with me. It’s so beautiful this A.M. sunny and warm. I should be house cleaning but you know me – go – go. Dad wrote Aunt Roxa (?) about (illegible) going over there in about three weeks – leave here Wednesday & back Monday. They seem to be very anxious & I know we’ll see the country – more go-go. Roberta has been sick – seems to suffer from asthma. Poor kid. Laddie’s wife’s mother passed on in Texas and they went down – so Ag Roderick told us yesterday. Well I could write more but I want to mail this before we leave town. Hope we receive a letter from you today. We love you so very much.


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