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"These brighter Regions which salute mine eyes
A Gift from God I take:
The Earth, the Seas, the Light, the Lofty Skies,
The Sun and Stars are mine: if these I prize."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Princess Yogurty"?

1940's class at the school of The Art Institute of Chicago... featuring Joan Mitchell, one of the era's few female painters to gain critical and public acclaim as a leader in abstract painting... Louis Ritman, teacher and famed Chicago artist... Herbert Katzman, painter & sculptor...

Gladys Adair, Recorder, May 29, 1948
'I have known Philip since 1940... in personality he is so gracious and sincere that others immediately feel at ease. His unselfishness, happy outlook and even disposition have won him many friends who appreciate his delightful wit and humor, which never approaches the course or unkind.'

'Fine student-somewhat talkative' -Miskovsy, 1941, 'Fair draftsman'- Fabian, 1942, 'Splendid student in every respect'- Van Papelendam, 1942, 'Excellent student- intelligent'- Philbeck, 1942, 'Exceptionally perfect student in every respect... always dependable... altruistic- never thinks of himself'- Van Papelendum, 1945, 'Philip Dedrick was student of mine for two years... much creative ability... sensitive in feeling and color... excellent draftsman... well liked and makes and keeps friends... he will do well as an artist and teacher'- Louis Ritman, 'Philip Dedrick was graduated with a four year diploma in Drawing, Painting and Illustration on June 1946... his student record is excelent... has shown a great interest in painting techniques, especialy egg tempera... I believe he would be successful in college teaching'- Hubert Rop, Dean, School of the Art Institute.
Courtesy of Freeport Art Center

Faculty Honorable Mention 1941-1942
Class Honorable Mention Figure Drawing 1941-1942
Class Honorable Mention Still LIfe Painting 1941-1942
Class Honorable Mention Advanced Still Life Painting 1944-1945
Class Honorable Mention Etching 1945-1946
Faculty Honorable Mention 1945-1946
Class Honorable Mention Egg Tempora 1945-1946
Anna Louise Raymond Foreign Travel Fellowship 1946

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